On the tuscan hills of Maremma in a magic silence filled with green shades, lies our farmhouse: the little village of  Villa Vacasio.

Surrounded by the unique countryside of Pitigliano, the Tuff City, we take care of this precious jewel of quiet, designed for ourselves and for anyone that loves the peace, the slow rhythms and the rural culture’s genuine hospitality.

Here all is Nature.

We, the Ciacci family, recreate a true fusion of ancient flavors, traditions and modern life, seeking for the perfect balance of quality and semplicity.

Ours is an eco-sustainable universe; the Villa is built using eco-materials and with an innovative system we obtain energy and warm water from renewable energies

Organic farming is our most true belief and is an expression of a return to an healthy and genuine method of cultivation, with the main intention to preserve the health of the environment and the customer.

This is our world, where the places fade to the horizon in the uncontaminated nature.