In the hills of the Maremma region of southern Tuscany, bathed in the magical silence and variegated greens of the countryside, lies our farmhouse: Villa Vacasio.

In the midst of the unique natural landscape that surrounds Pitigliano, “Città del Tufo” (the town’s nickname reflects the light volcanic tuff rock it is built on), the Ciacci family, care for this haven of tranquillity. We have designed it not just with our family in mind, but for anyone who loves the peace, slow rhythms and authentic hospitality of rural culture.

At Villa Vacasio, you really are immersed in nature.

We blend together ancient flavours and traditions with modern, seeking the perfect balance between quality and simplicity.

Ours is an eco-sustainable universe; the Villa was built using eco-friendly materials, while an innovative system means we obtain our energy and warm water from renewable sources.

We firmly believe in organic farming and the importance of returning to healthy, natural methods of agriculture, where protection of the environment and the consumer are central.

This is our world, where our land reaches out to the horizon, merging with the unspoilt, natural landscape.