This is absolutely our pride. the specialities that we offer express the simple authentic flavors of our land; it’s the heritage of a culture, a healthy lifestyle with roots in our family traditions.

Cooking for us goes beyond the only eating, is furthermore a sincere way to share Maremma and its precious values. Our dishes are “zero-miles” foods and all the recipes are prepared at the moment, like in a family. Seasonal spacialities and personal creativity are our guides in arranging the best meal for the guests, using as always only typical products of Maremma grown in Roberto’s special garden.

This gustatory experience starts at morning with the classic italian breakfast: juice, tea, milk, coffee, warm cakes, yogurt, croissant and marmellades. It’s nice when you awake to recognize the sweet smell of seasonal fruits or the just baked cake as you can guess during the day what’s in the making for dinner just seeking for any clues in the air. All is made by hand, with the cure and love of a mum.

You’re so immersed in a wide sensorial experience, where everything is special, deep and alive. You’ll be surprised by a 5 course meal each time different, a delicius and genuine triumph.

Rich starters, hand made pasta, cold cuts from the house, cheeses, meat and greens of each kind, all this make a dinner at Villa Vacasio an unforgettable moment.

How not to mention the wine, fine and high quality as the Tuscan tradition at his best. All enhanced by the love of our family that will make feel like at your home’s table, special guests in wonderful Maremma.


We share our kitchen and our knowledge letting you learn the world of tastes and flavors of traditional Tuscan cooking, discover hidden secrets and all the magic.