Our mission is to integrate our farmhouse in an eco-sustainable system, with the purpose to reduce energy impact an emissions.
A concept of green bio-buildings that takes power from the renewable clean energies.
Our photovoltaic system turns sunbeams into energy and works in symbiosis with the solar panels that we use instead for the pruduction and storage of sanitary warm water.

Organic farming is the lifeblood of our concept of farming and has the aim to respet natural bio-diversity using cultivation techinques that values the terrain proprieties and unicity.

Here the harvest is by hand and we fertilize the land with organic products, as our ancestors used to do.
Above all that’s the idea to remove chemicals at every production level the base of our agriculture, a farm able to produce foods in the respect of the nature, the plants, the animals and the landscape.
Include human activities in the respect of the eco-system willing to create a healthy ambient that lives in harmony with the surrounding nature: that is actually our purpose, our dream that now is real.